Hey there!
I'm Orfeas Orestis Madentzoglou, a 21-year-old dude born and raised in the awesome yet kinda dystopic Thessaloniki, up in the north part of Greece. Currently, I am based in Trondheim, Norway.
So, here's the deal. About four years ago, when I was just 16, I started my journey as a photographer. I got myself a fancy DSLR full-frame camera because I was determined to capture the mind-blowing spiral known as the Milky Way. Back then, my motivation was like that of a starry-eyed kid, exploring the universe through my lens. But let me tell you, astrophotography ain't a piece of cake! I had to dive into the technical stuff and spend about four months learning all the nitty-gritty details.
From 2017 to 2020, I delved into landscape photography, played around with photo manipulations, got into concept art, and even tried my hand at digital illustrations, photo bashing, and basic 3D. When I was about to finish high school, I was all set to study math at university, but then I had a crazy change of heart. I ditched that plan and decided to pack my bags and head to Norway to study Film Directing. Luckily, my photography and poetic background helped me adapt quickly to the technical side of filmmaking, especially when it comes to cameras. Over the past couple of years, I directed and took charge of the visuals as a Director of Photography (DOP) for three short fiction films. I also had a gig at a student production company, where I rocked the roles of DOP, digital imaging technician (DIT), and colorist.

My main areas of expertise? DOP, Photographer, and Digital Illustrator. I'm pretty slick with the Adobe Suite and DaVinci Resolve for all your grading needs.
If you wanna reach out to me, hit me up by email or give me a shout on my phone or WhatsApp. I'm always down for a chat!

Phone Number: +30 6994801571 ( Greek )   / +47 46341770 ( Norwegian )
Whatsapp: +30 6994801571
E-mail: orfmad@gmail.com

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